What You Ought To Be Aware Of With Regards To The Various Types Of Two-Way Radio Systems

Thinking of buying a two way radio system? Well, there are a lot of things that you ought to know so that you can make the appropriate buying decision. First, you need to realize that you will find three types of radios: handheld, mobile and base station or desktop, and that these radios are also called as walkie talkies or land mobile radios.

You may be able to carry handheld two way radios in your hand

and carry them around while moving. The height of these radios is generally between 4 and 8 inches tall (excluding the antenna) and the weight is between 9 and 16 ounces. The Federal Communications Commission or FCC prescribe rules for the use of handheld radios. These radios couldn’t have more than 5W of power.

If you’re going to purchase handheld radios, you have to take note that commercial grade ones transmit between 2 to 5 watts while Family Radios Service or FRS transmit at 0.5 watts. Some buyers often get confused with the wattage because there are a lot of manufacturers that print the wattage in milliWatts (mW). You have to understand that 1,000 mW equal 1W and that ½ watt is equal to 500 mW. If you are searching for a strong radio system, steering clear of radios with 500mW is suitable.

There are also a lot of manufacturers who claim that in FRS or GMRS, their two-way radio systems that are handheld have the capacity to transmit up to 30 miles. Before buying a system, it is highly advised for buyers to ask the dealer to illustrate the power of the radio and to verify the claim of the manufacturers.

This was about handheld radio systems. The other kinds of radios available are mobile and base station two-way radio systems. These can also be powered by a transmission of 100W and are said to be very effective. Except for the usage, both base station and mobile radio systems are equivalent.

A mobile radio system is affixed to a vehicle and it utilizes the battery of the vehicle for its power. Such systems have a separate antenna that is attached on the vehicle’s roof or external mirror, or some other convenient place. This radio system is also the one that becomes a base station radio when positioned on a counter or table inside the building.

The power used by base station radios are the electricity running in the areas where they are located. These types of radios utilize an exterior antenna that is situated on the roof of the area. Schools, ski resorts, municipal corporations, malls, electric utility companies, and numerous other industries utilize these various types of radios.

Mobile radios, base station radios and handhelds are all compatible with each other, and you can always utilize one to communicate with another, as long as you are on the same channel. In the workplace, two-way radios will always make the place safer and communication much simpler, hence productivity is clearly enhanced.